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Hi Admin!
Many thanks, appreciate the quick reply!

Iím starting up with Kali and a Rasp PI 3 (new to both of these).
Kali will - hopefully - feed I2S to an external DAC so I only have the RPI3 and the Kali to power.
As a first step, I try to understand the power supply needs for a linear PS setup.
I can see that  itís 5V / 3A what I try to grasp is if I need to have one PS for the Kali and one for the RPI3 or just one to power the two.
Will one 5V / 3A PS drive both the Kali and the RPI3?
Do you have any experience if a separate PS brings any improvement?
If it does, would that be two linear PSs or can I get away with a standard switching PS for the RPI3 and a proper linear one for the Kali?
Many thanks in advance for any hints on this!

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