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Hi All,

I like my kali+piano2.1 a lot. Thanks! IF I wanted to try to Mod it with some "better components" (e.g. Crystek, better analog stage, etc), do you know about any source of information/forum where I could get started getting ideas, diagrams?

Thanks a lot!

In terms of performance of the Vana player, would it be better to separately power the sparky and the Kali+Piano2.1?

Would a PSU->battery->Kali help in any way?


PIANO HI-FI DAC 2.1 / Floor noise/hiss in Kali+Piano2.1
« on: February 20, 2017, 11:58:04 PM »

New user here!  I got my Vana player today. I am using it as a 2.0 with my external amplifier and speakers (Nam 5i + Vienna Bach).

First: Congratulations to the developers of this combo/DAC! I am really liking what I hear. In my oppinion it sounds better than some quite expensive DACs,  will post a review later. However I have some questions:

 I am hearing quite a lot of floor-noise (my amplifier is dead silent with my other DACs, and I have a power conditioner for the line).  I did switched from Ethernet to WiFi and the noise reduced substantially,  but there is still some amount of "white noise" when the device is in mute/pause/standby. The noise disappear if I unplug the Vana from the power outlet (I am using the standard power supply in the kit).

Am I alone on this? Do I have a faulty unit? Do you think it is coming from digital domain (i.e. better filtering stages will deal with this?), or maybe I have some improper grounding somewhere?

Any ideas to try?

Thanks for your advice.

Hi All, this is my first post, just received my Vana player kit today, very excited with what I heard.
With my kit I got a CM, since I am not interested in using the Volt amplifier I was planning to use the CM in order to provide "clean" power to the Kali (and the piano 2.1), however the CM came with a plug that is larger than the one in Kali.
Questions: 1. If I get the right plug, would it be possible to use it in the way I described? What input voltage would I need to provide  to the CM(considering the drop rate?); 2. Would it represent any advantage over the power supply alone? (I am using the standard PS in the Vana player kit).

THX for your input!

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