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VOLT + standalone AMP / TPA 3118 gain setting
« on: June 01, 2017, 01:46:09 AM »
Hi there! I was trying to figure out what the used  gain settings are for the TPA3118 chip.  As per the Texas Instruments documentation,  the gain is set by the combined value of two resistors.  Looking at  your board,  it seems like there is only one 20 Kohm resistor (measured with a tester),  the other connection is left open.  This seems like the 20dB configuration,  but in that case the only resistor installed should be 5.6 Kohm. The 20 Kohm value,  in the T.I. datasheet,  is used in conjunction with a 100 Kohm resistor for the 26dB configuration.
Should I assume that the Volt board is set to an "unconventional"  20dB gain?
Thank you very much.

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