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KALI RECLOCKER / Hiss/noise Kali/Piano2.1 playing files > 44,1/16
« on: April 08, 2018, 11:20:11 AM »
hi there,
I would upgrade my set from RPI2/Kali/Mamboberry to RPI2/Kali/Piano2.1.
Unfortunately only my "normal" 44.1/16 music files play in this configuration (dual mono and dual stereo).
All other formats (like 88,2/24 and 96/24) sounds like a hard continuous hiss. no music, only hiss.
I cleaned the 40 pin connectors, reconnected the parts en reflashed the software.
Latest version of Volumio. power via IFI 5 v power suply.
Piano2.1 without Kali plays great all formats and back to Mamboberry/Kali also no problems with formats >44.1/16
Reinstalled everything, tried all settings in Volumio, but nothing helps?
Please can you give me the golden key?
I look forward to the moment that I can use my Kali/Piano combo!!
regards, Jos

KALI RECLOCKER / Maximum supply voltage?
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:18:36 AM »
Hi there,
what is the max input voltage that the Reclocker can handle?
I want to feed it with a 6 volts lead acid battery (agm).(pure DC ;-)
Just loaded 6.4/6.5 volts.
Thanks in advance, greets from Netherlands.

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