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Technical Questions / USBridge: USB stopped working
« Last post by ansedor on February 10, 2018, 10:37:48 AM »
Hello, I have used my USBridge for a while now. But suddenly it stopped working, very suddenly in the middle of a song. No sound from the USB. I rebooted, no sound. Put the USB cable in one of the three USBs in the Sparky; sound. From any of them. But not from the USBridge.
Rebooted several times, tested different cables. Tested power both from the  DC connector, Sparky AND the USB board independently.
(So the bridge is apparently not totally dead, it supplies power. Just USB is invisible.)

Tried different DACs, it doesn't change anything; everything works with the Sparky USBs, never with the bridge.

aplay :
card 1: Digital [Pre Box S2 Digital], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]

Connected to the bridge nothing shows with aplay.

Tried to connect a disk drive, no response. Disk drive to Sparky mounts and fdisk responses normally.

Updated to dietpi 6.1, no difference.


Stefan Andersson
Göteborg, Sweden.  order 1537
Technical Questions / Sparky does not boot
« Last post by sergepol25 on February 06, 2018, 10:11:08 PM »
Hello. Sparky does not boot. It can not find  boot device. I tried to change SD cards, Linux,  but no result. Error message is in attached file. Please, help.
General Questions / DietPi v6.x for Sparky?
« Last post by dsnyder0cnn on February 04, 2018, 09:34:56 AM »
I just got this message today from my Sparky.

For my Raspberry Pi's, updating is easy...just pull out the microSD card and re-flash. I'm not sure that I know how to do that for the Sparky since it does not seem to use a microSD card.

Release notes for DietPi v6.0 are here. Reading through the notes, audiophiles are likely to be happier with v159, for now, vs. v6.0, so there's no immediate need to upgrade. I plan to follow the release notes and see how things are looking by v6.3 or so. I do generally prefer to stay reasonably current for compatibility with other software and to stay up with security patches.

Please post here if you have successfully upgraded your Sparky to DietPi v6.x (from v159). Let us know what process you followed (tools used, etc.) and what, if any, gotchas you encountered. Thanks.

-- David
VOLT AMP shield / Re: Connecting pot meter
« Last post by sparkyadmin on January 29, 2018, 02:44:41 AM »

  Which board you are using?

In Volt board, don't have the option to connect pot.Only we have the connector on the Volt+Board.

With Regards
Sparky Admin
VOLT AMP shield / Connecting pot meter
« Last post by FredM on January 26, 2018, 05:17:34 AM »
Can you tell me the specs for connecting a potmeter on the Volt. The type of connector to use, is not easy to find. I suppose I can use the connector for the stepped attenuator
BOSS DAC / Re: Rasopberry Pi+BOSS power input methods
« Last post by sparkyadmin on January 23, 2018, 08:57:33 PM »

    Please find the document link

With Regards
Sparky Admin
BOSS DAC / Re: Rasopberry Pi+BOSS power input methods
« Last post by danielfelix on January 23, 2018, 02:17:03 PM »
The link is down. I need this documentation, you can send me it.
Technical Questions / problems !!!!
« Last post by keithjohngates on January 17, 2018, 04:15:21 PM »
Hoping I can get some help.
I am trying to get Spotify broadcasted to my sparky+kali+piano2.1 to send the signal RCA to my tube amplifier.

I have tried: DietPi
I could  stream via my laptop spotify (or straight phone spotify) via the app AirSpot (on my phone): onto the Gmrender on Dietpi. So this worked but it was slow and sometimes dropped out. Also whenever I wanted to change the song I found I had to disconnect and reconnect. A pain in the arse....

Next I tried the android installation - this would be great. Got the installation working just fine. However - no sound. No way to control the audio output from the piano - does this not exist???? Are there no android drivers for the piano?????

Then I tried the ubuntu version - thought this would be the solution as you can have spotify for linux and I can see on that it includes drivers for the piano.

However there are two issues with this install - one it seems to imply from the install instructions that it has to be done on eMMC although the instructions are a little ambiguous whether it can be done on an SSD.

So I tried to install it on an SSD - the installation on the card seem to go okay - but the sparky wont recognize the os.
Wondering if this has something to do with a) the android flashing - you have to plug the sparky in via USB when flashing - does this do something to sparky that means other OS on the SSD wont be recognized???

Or does ubuntu install need to be on an eMMC??

I absolutely love the sound of the piano - I built my own speakers and valve tube amplifier and it sounds amazing....Way better than when I use the audio jack (DAC) from my phone.

Just need an easy way to get my spotify music through the sparky and out the piano RCA.

(As an aside one of my primary RCA channels failed on the piano so I have to use the subwoofer ones - which seems to be identical in performance as the primary ones)
Does anybody know what the after market service from allo is like???

Thanks for any help.

    As we said earlier,In Digione  there is no left and right concept. That is SPDIF out single line.

Which converter you are using after digione?

Means SPDIF to analog converter

With Regards
Sparky Admin

I use Audio research DAC7 (both of USB and SPDIF to analog converter)
    As we said earlier,In Digione  there is no left and right concept. That is SPDIF out single line.

Which converter you are using after digione?

Means SPDIF to analog converter

With Regards
Sparky Admin
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