allo-pianoDAC sound card doesn't work with KODI (Linux OSMC 4.4.27).

     We have set-up a media center using Raspberry-pi2 and interfaced with allo-pianoDAC+volt-amp sound cards. The audio worked properly with volumo OS. But the setup didn't work with KODI no matter the changes we made with the configurations(Both with the boot/config.txt file and MY OSMC settings). Below are the steps taken:

1) Installed OSMC via noobsv1.9 installer(the OSMC setup files were automatically downloaded from internet at the time of installation).
2)After reboot, selected MY OSMC->Pi-Config->Hardware-Support->Soundcard-Overlay->allo-piano-dac...
3)After reboot, selected System->System Settings->Audio->Audio Output device->ALSA:Default(pianoDAC Analog)
4)Checked the /boot/config.txt file for dtoverlay and dtparam

Attached are the screenshots.
We expect your valuable comments and suggestions regarding the issue.

Best Regards.

Dear Anand,

    Please do the setting as shown in below link.

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Allo Support