I received Vana player yesterday on 28 Aug by courier, I was so exited and wanted to start using it ASAP so I assembled it , there was no OS (SD Card) bundled so I downloaded the standard Vana Player OS  image From the link provided in the Vana Player webpage and write that image to a SD card, booted the system but could not use the system/OS to play music as the OS (sparky_sd_vana_1_4_100817) need either Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to configure sound card driver (Piano 2.1), unfortunately the player comes without Wi-Fi lan card and I don't have Ethernet network at my place so could not configure the OS/Player.
I decided to download the standard Ubuntu image for Sparky SBY, sparky_sd_ubuntu_060117 image (link provided in Sparky webpage) , as the description says that Piano DAC and Wi-Fi drivers are included in the OS, but after downloading , burning, booting and logging in to the system I still could not find the sound card installed on the system, I thought that it would be there, :-\
Need to know how to configure the sound card (Sparky + Kali + Piano 2.1) on Ubuntu standard OS Image for Sparky board (link provided on Sparky webpage) and the OS image provided for Vana player  (link provided on Vana player webpage) considering the fact that there is no network connection (No Ethernet, no Wi-Fi).
Kindly also let us know if there is any other OS supported.
Rajeev Singh


   You have to download sparky_sd_vana_1_4_100817 image from allo site then you have to burn the image to your SD card.

You should have Ethernet LAN ,then only squeezebox player will work.

Please find the link for both Vanaplayer technical and configuration manual

You can use volumio ,dietpi images also

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Sparky Admin

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