External oscyllators and multifrequency

External oscyllators and multifrequency
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Hi guys,
I am a super happy owner of 2 kali's and 2 piano's, they sound superb!. Thank you very much for building such a great products.
I am starting to think on modding the Kali. On that front, your product page mention the following:
"Can be use with external Crystal Oscillators for MCLK or upgraded to a higher quality, multi-frequency clock that comes with automatic Fs switching and better performance"

What do I have to take into account if I wanted to feed an external MCLK ?  Any mod to the board that you suggest ?

Thank you for you help

Re: External oscyllators and multifrequency
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anybody know how to feed an external clock ?

thank you

Re: External oscyllators and multifrequency
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Dear Team,

Yes.You can change the external oscillators(on board) for MCLK. Corrently  we are assembled on board oscillators are 45.15850Mhz and 49.15200Mhz  from NDK.

So if you want, you can change any oscillator with 44.1Khz and 48Khz family. But you have to remove and solder the Oscillators manually and the oscillators should be same footprint.

Please find the attached image for the same

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